Palm Beach Poetry Festival 2015

Some of the finest national poets gathered at the Palm Beach Poetry Festival in southern Florida on January 19-24th. I was asked to cover the event by Founder Miles Coon, and director Susan Williamson. Susan had this to say:

How exciting it has been to find a photographer who has extraordinary technical expertise, talent, and the sensibility of an artist’s vision to tell the story of the Palm Beach Poetry Festival. Owen listened carefully to help us develop a focused plan and workable schedule to shoot a full week of events. He asked all the right questions and understood what we wanted to accomplish. He then followed through, and as the week progressed, found additional inspiration, making it possible to accomplish even more. All this made it possible to visually transcribe and represent the festival artfully, including its venues, star poet portraits, special events, participants, and audiences. The results are nothing short of spectacular. We are fortunate indeed to have found Owen McGoldrick.

– Susan R. Williamson, Director, Palm Beach Poetry Festival

Photo Gallery